Playa Smoke Vol.1 – Smoke Or Die / PRESS REVIEW

Daraja Hakizimana is making a name for himself quick in the southern region. With his latest release “Playa Smoke Vol.1″ featuring his new group “Smoke Or Die” and connecting with Southside Smokeshop, Daraja paints a new blue-print for a new era and indie artist. The album only consist of 6-tracks but every track takes on a life of its own once in your ride or ipod. The album features new comers J.B. aka James Bond, Kato The Creation, Teeze Fresh, Big Twinn, Theezy, Flex, and production/mixing by Coache Johnson, Teeze Fresh, & Daraja. The whole project has a classic-smoker’s vibe to it. “Southside Smokeshop’s crew has welcomed me with open arms and has been a big help and platform for this project, says Daraja. Nowadays there aren’t that many major record labels or even parent-companies around for artist such as myself in getting the projects or material out there to the masses. So now you gotta somehow create a situation to make things happen and thats exactly what I’ve done with hooking up with Southside Smokeshop and its crew. This is just the beginning and another chapter in my music career.”

by Joanne Dash

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

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